We deal with the bookkeeping and accounting for a variety of clients in different industries and of different sizes but no matter what the business we always need to help find a routine for the transfer of information that works for us and our client.  If you are guilty of letting your financial admin fall to the bottom of your to do list and only organise it when your accountant asks then these tips could help you keep things a little more in order and reduce the headaches when it comes to dealing with your bookkeeper or accounts –


Little and Often

We know its mundane but if you get into a routine of organising your accounts on a regular basis it will make it easier to stay on top of things.  You will avoid matters becoming urgent like forgetting to pay a supplier or letting a customer go long overdue and only chasing because your cash balance is running low.  It will reduce your stress levels and ensure you keep on top of your customers/suppliers.


Ask Someone Else to Do It

If you have an admin assistant or PA in your office or virtually you could come up with a system between yourselves for them to help take care of your financial admin such as expenses, billing or dealing with suppliers.  They could even deal with your accountant for you, depending on the level of trust you have with the individual.



There are so many useful apps around these days.  Scanner for Me is a great one with allows you to snap a picture of a receipt while you are out on the go and e mail to yourself or the person who needs to see the bill.  MileIQ is another great app to log your mileage when you are travelling around in your car, let it record your mileage so the numbers are ready for you when you need to claim expenses.


Company Credit Card

If you are fed up of separating out your business expenses from your personal ones then consider getting a company credit card.  Put all your business expenses on this and pass the statement onto your bookkeeper or accountant for processing.

Cloud Storage

So many receipts, invoices and bills are sent on e mail these days which is great because you don’t have to worry about loosing pieces of paper.  However when tax time comes or your accountant asks you may have trouble remembering which senders you need to search for are or have to dig through hundreds of e mails to find the right ones.  Consider opening up a folder on a cloud storage system like google drive or dropbox and ‘dump’ anything relevant from your e mails into here as you receive them.  You can then share the folder with your bookkeeper or accountant who will have everything they need to get started and will probably tidy you the folder for you!


Email Straight to Xero

When you receive a bill from a supplier you can e mail this straight to Xero, you just need to get hold of the unique e mail address to send it to (ask your bookkeeper to help if you can’t find it). Then every time something relevant to your bookkeeping comes in just fire it straight to Xero ready for inclusion in your accounts.


If you are searching for a bookkeeper to help you get organised then consider getting in touch with Bookkeeping Angels.  We offer bookkeeping, VAT and management accounts services for a flat rate fee of £20 per hour.  We will guide you through getting organised and make the monthly reporting process as pain free as possible!